Cisco Live #CLUS14 Wishing I could attend..

Cisco Live #CLUS14 Wishing I could attend…


First off we have to take a trip back in time to the year 2009 June 27th San Francisco.

After years of following E_C (Everything Cisco) I had the opportunity for the first time to attend a Cisco Live event.  To top it off it was the 20th! with over 13,000 attendees.  I was so excited and overwhelmed by all of the great gathering of tech geeks like myself at one big event.  From the cool bag (which I still use today) Cisco Live t-shirt, cool training, meet the engineer, the Devo plastic hat, and the customer event at Treasure Island it was the event of the year.

ImageI got to meet some really cool people at the event like non other than my two favourite @TechwiseTV Cisco idols @JimmyRay_Purser and @Robbboyd.  Meeting the guys in person from TechwiseTV was a real turning point in my career.. no seriously it really was.   The show originally aired 2006 and I was hooked.   For someone that was just getting into real enterprise networks, this show is for you.   Jimmy and Robb could make complicated configurations easier to understand,  understanding FUD with the Fundamentals and Networking 101.

What I didn’t know at the time, is that Robb and Jimmy were very clever in the show delivery.   Each episode helped me become a guy that understood geek better and at the same time gave me an additional gift of technical sales!  Yes, thats right they created a new Stew.  One that could assimilate understand new technology and be able to disseminate that to a client.


The turning point @CLUS:  TechwiseTV changed my career path at Cisco Live 2009. Yes you guested it, to a Wireless Path.  The theme of the event “Knowledge is Power” I assimilated as much wireless as possible.  To this day I keep in contact with both Robb and Jimmy Ray and if I’m ever in San Jose I drop in to say hello in the studio.

I did however get to meet the big man at the show John Chambers,  After his opening keynote speech I had a rare chance to meet him in person but left the camera back at the hotel ( did get his business card though ).  What I do remember the most is he personally invited me to make sure I return.  And each year I tried to save to return on my own.  This year I was really hoping to make it for the 25th CLUS but sadly I cannot. Sorry John, I will try again next year.

Since 2009 I have not been able to return to a Cisco Live event, mostly in part by work commitments and not my turn to attend.   I was very fortunate to have have my first and only ticket provided by the Cisco Partner I was working for at the time.  Being a independent contractor, its sometimes hard to come up with the funds for certain events.

Yes, Cisco live is worth its weight in gold for any tech geek.  If your employer is nice enough to fund this event for you,  be very appreciative and don’t turn it down.   I my opinion employers, Cisco Partners should send their people to a CiscoLive event each year,  the returns are huge..

To register for Cisco Live 2014 in San Francisco.



One thought on “Cisco Live #CLUS14 Wishing I could attend..

  1. We will miss you Stew! So thankful you keep watching. We should have a new studio in June….so there is another excuse to stop by on your next run through the silicon valley. Thanks for being so supportive!


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