Who is behind the scenes of WiFi Tools @Ekahau?

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I have been a user of both Air Magnet and Ekahau products and each has its own cool features and use cases.  However, I prefer Ekahau toolsets, and here is why.

The one key item that truly stands out here is the Wi-Fi Tools team @Ekahau.

With Jussi Kiviniemi’s ( @jussikiviniemi )appointment to Vice President of Wi-Fi Tools at Ekahau in June 2013 was one of the best things to have happened to WiFi tools at Ekahau.

He has shown great interest and understanding in finding out what the boots on the ground need to do their job right the first time.

Not only does he market the product, but he is an actual user as well.   Jussi knows how to survey/design.  He also knows whats needed to be done from a logistics point of view of making a great product and getting into the hands of every Wireless Engineer at a fast pace.

Jussi is always upfront / honest and listens to what’s griping us or why is that feature not working or can it be done.

This is a rare trait and it’s something you don’t find at every vendor.

Remember folks, it’s the people like Jussi that are behind the scenes that reach out to the community and get involved in making outstanding products that we can actually use.

I don’t often speak out like this publicly, but when I do, I do it because recognition is needed.


Disclaimer: The above comments are my personal views and opinions.