eero Just got approved by the FCC and they plan to hit the home faster than you can roam.

Meet “eero”


Several months ago a little startup came upon the Wireless realm promoting “Finally, WiFi that works”.   Yes, we’ve all heard those words before.  However, eero may have something up the their sleeves to back up that claim.  From the onset these little Access Points or they like to call “WiFi System” will blanket your home with not one, but three of these little guys. Why three you ask?

It was only a few years ago most homes had maybe one to three wireless devices connected and they were usually located in one room.  Fast forward to today and we see up to 20 devices throughout the average home.

Todays Home Connected Devices but not limited to:

  • Notebook or Desktop (with WiFi) Tablets
  • Smart Phones
  • SmartTV’s (TV Cable boxes that use WiFi bridges between rooms)
  • Game consoles Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, etc
  • Blue-Ray /DVD Player,
  • AppleTV, Chromecast, RaspberryPI
  • NEST type thermostats
  • Refrigerators
  • Garage doors
  • Alarm Systems / Including video surveillance

That’s just the personal home devices.  What about those that work from home devices?

  • Notebook or Desktop (with WiFi)
  • Tablets (iPad, Surface)
  • Smart Phones
  • Corporate Phones

Let’s not forget the iKettle2.0 from That’s right, you can now use your WiFi to boil water. Look for a mention of iKettle on an upcoming episode of the

In order to have really good WiFi or WiFi that works well, we need to have more than one Access Point (depending on the size and floors of your home).  Some consumer vendors claim that more antennas on their “Wireless Router”  will address coverage range issues in the home. Thats not entirely accurate, because you need to contend with a wide range of obstacles in todays home environment, and one point of access will not do.

This type of configuration is not new, in fact its how many large corporate wireless environments are configured today.  However, Enterprise grade wireless can cost prohibitive for the home.


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eero to the rescue.

What makes eero so special?  Well, these cracker jack folks have come up with an easy system using Bluetooth to setup and  automagically mesh each Access Point together to provide the best experience for the home. Once these units are all in sync, they will provide behind the scene’s health and system checks to make sure the wireless network is running the way it should.

Some of you i’m sure dread the calls from home while at work or on the road.  You know the ones, “Netflix is not working” “Internet is slow” “I’m not connecting. Can you fix it?”

Who is eeros?

This startup doesn’t fool around they have some big backers, including 40M in raised capital.

A quote from eero Blog Post
“In addition to the trust and investment you’ve placed in us, we’ve now raised over $40M in capital. Shasta Ventures, an early backer of Nest, and Redpoint Ventures, an investor in Sonos, have joined existing investor First Round Capital. Rob Coneybeer from Shasta and Satish Dharmaraj from Redpoint have joined Rob Hayes on our Board of Directors. We’re also thrilled to announce funding from Andy Rubin’s Playground. Andy co-founded Android and built it into the world’s largest smartphone ecosystem while at Google.”

You’re FCC Approved.  Time to make it happen eeros.

Todays announcement from Co-founder and CEO Nick Weaver offers a great deal of in-site to when we will see the product come to market.  Weaver is quoted in saying, “Waiting sucks”.  And I agree.

However, when you read further into his statement you will see that his company is taking a page out of “a fruit companies” playbook.  They will not sacrifice quality or design of their products as they will be working on making it work right out of the box.

I think we should really watch eeros carefully as they will definitely create some much needed disruption in the home wireless realm.  And if they play their cards right, who knows we just might see better WiFi in the home.


Disclaimer:  I created this post on my own accord and was not endorsed or prompted to create it.


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