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Cisco Spark Board – Innovation in Collaboration

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Absolutely Amazing! Simplicity

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This is an “iPhone” moment

If you look back at some of the big changes in our industry – the big challengers and innovators have continually challenged the status quo in how we use technology.

A perfect example of this is the iPhone.  Until then we all thought keyboards, roller balls and scroll wheels were the answer.   Smart PDA devices counted on using a pen to be accurate, and you needed an owners guide the side of war and peace to understand how to get things done.


Then comes this guy – Steve Jobs, who intuitively understood user interfaces.  The guy just knew it.   The interface was so clean, so natural and so easy – 2 year olds were picking up iPhones and using them like a part of their natural life.   Scrolling feels very natural, and button presses are so precise even with big fingers.  …

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