Under the Hood of a Cisco 2504 WLC

These Pictures are for reference purposes only, so you don’t have to void your warranty.
Please don’t try this at home as I have already done this for you. 🙂
I originally posted this for a few friends inquiring about the RTC Clock on the controller losing its time.  Well, the solution is to replace the battery.  Here is a snippet of my post

“2504 does contain a battery CR2032.   Here is a fresh shot of a controller naked.  Good thing I opened up mine as the RAM was partially ejected on one side.

Use a proper CR2032 Energizer / Duracell.  Not your dollar store variety. ”



3 thoughts on “Under the Hood of a Cisco 2504 WLC

  1. Holy cow, I was actually, honestly looking to see if there was a battery inside a 2504 since I had a customer today with a 2504 that had magically gone back to the year 2000. Thanks!

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