Avaya does Wireless? (MiniBlog)

Yes folks you heard it right.  Avaya enters the Wireless Field head on.

Avaya in my mind has always been a heavy hitter in the VoIP, and Video space for years.  I’m really interested to see what Avaya will bring to the WiFi playground and how they will play with devices  at Wireless Field Day 7

My fellow #WFD7 delegate  Jennifer Huber also commented on this at Excited to hear Avaya present at Wireless Field Day 7!




5 thoughts on “Avaya does Wireless? (MiniBlog)

  1. I think they have the potential to be a huge surprise for the WFD crew – their attendance was somewhat out of the blue and they have a lot of people interested in hearing what they have to say. I for one, am keenly interested in what’s new and exciting in the Avaya wireless world!

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